Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Raptors Coverage: Two-Game win streak WAS, OKC! March 18-20

Game 68 – Washington (W 116-107 / 19-49 / streak W1) Friday, March 18, 2011
Didn’t watch
The raptors ran away with this one in their St Patricks day green uniforms, which they always seem to win in. With an eight point lead in the fourth quarter, at home, I knew the Raptors would be able to seal the deal. The Wizards are 1-30 on the road this season, historically poor and the Raps hit the net hard. The Raptors showed their talent and willingness to play in transition and follow up the possession. Once on a 19 to 2 run, the Raptors looked solid and experienced. Andrea had 33, DeMar had 30, and the pair looked to be a formidable, all-NBA type duo. Best of all, Bargs made a career high 15 free-throws on 18 attempts showing his willingness to get to the basket. Good win for the Raps.

Game 69 - @ Oklahoma City (W 95-93 / 20-49 / streak W2) Sunday March 20, 2011
Watched whole game
The Raps were never supposed to win this game. The thunder had won their previous six matches against Eastern conference opponents, while the Raptors hadn’t won two games in a row since December 1st – 3rd, and were losers of 14 straight road games. Nevertheless, the Raptors are a mercurial team, a bi-polar team, and a surprising team. When we’re firing on all cylinders and have opposing teams on their heels, watch out. Amir Johnson wins this game on a post-up hook shot, his bread and butter play. Quite unorthodox how he releases the ball with the acrh and the positioning of his arms but he always seems to get it in. Then Durant has a chance to be the hero at home, but comes up empty on a jumper with 1.4 seconds remaining.
DeRozan had a big dunk in the game and finished with 16 points, 8 rebounds. James Johnson looked solid guarding Kevin Durant and finishing with 12 and 6, with some highlight dunks too. Bargnani (23 points) was a matchup nightmare for the Thunder who get swept on the season by the Raptors. Barbosa was the hero on an inbounds play three-pointer to tie the game at 93-93 with 38 seconds remaining. Actually a great play drawn up by Triano, with Barbosa emerging from the middle of a double-pick set at the top of the key by the Raptors big-men. After forcing a Thunder miss with tough defense, the Raptors took the ball down low and Amir Johnson closed the deal. Big win streak… 27 wins, here we come? Hold on to your hats.

PS. Loving DeMar DeRozan? He recently had a feature on NBA.com. Check out the link to the video!

"Is it the shoes?"

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