Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raptors Coverage: March 13, Charlotte

Game 66 – Charlotte (L 95-90 / 18-48 / streak L1) Sunday March 13, 2011
Watched whole game
The Raptors played strong on the glass thanks to Reggie Evans who had 9 boards in the first half. His defensive energy sparked the Raps back into this game and for the most part they’ve held their own but still trail by three at halftime. Bargnani makes a good move that he should build on early in this game. While posting up, Bargnani keeps his head up and looks for his teammates. Bargs is usually so rigidly oriented in what he’s going to do with the basketball he often doesn’t look for the best situations and keep an eye out for teammates. If he is able to see the court better and involve himself in a team rotation system, his ability to draw opposing players to him will dramatically help the Raps on offense by opening the floor for slashers and shooters. Because of their second-chance opportunities they stuck around, but they allowed the Bobcats to shoot 59% in the first half. In the end they came up short and couldn’t stop the Bobcats, especially DJ Augustin, on the defensive end. Reggie had a great game, as he always does, with 17 rebounds, but none of the other Raps really shined in this one. Regroup on the road Wednesday in Detroit.

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