Monday, March 26, 2012

Dunkus Interruptus: Gerald Green

I will always remember when and where I was when I first saw this dunk. This dunk happened when I was arriving back in Canada after a week reporting on sporting events throughout Florida. It had been a looooooong bus ride and after crossing the border, everybody was quick to turn their data plans back on their cell phones and see what was going on in 'the world outside the bus.' Sure enough Gerald Green was trending on twitter and I knew immediately we had another Dunkus Interruptus on our hands. And yes, Gerald Green is back in the NBA. The dunk is huge. Green's head is definitely above the rim, and the windmill is smooth and effortless. Sure, Vince Carter made a living doing dunks like these, but the closest thing we've had to a game-changing, life-changing, Dunkus Interruptus-changing oop was the JR Smith 360 oop. Sure we love 360s here at 360special, but Green's jam just topped it. Anyway, stop whatever you're doing and watch this dunk! It's Dunkus Interruptus time!

Youtube Link: Gerald Green alley-oop windmill

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