Monday, February 27, 2012

Kobe Watch: All-Star Edition

Well, here at the Kobe Watch we've witnessed some important milestones as Kobe has chipped away at the list of all-time scorers in NBA history.

Kobe now sits fifth on the all-time career scorers list in NBA history and may, health pending, one day surpass Kareem and Karl Malone atop the list, while passing Wilt and MJ is just a matter of time. 

Meanwhile, in all-star competition, Kobe now holds the all-time record with 271 points, and he did it in true Kobe fashion by playing through injury to snare the record even with a nasal fracture.

Congrats Kobe. Keep up the good work, you've still got a few all-star years ahead of you to distance yourself from the competition.

The Kobe Watch continues.

Player Points
Kobe Bryant 271
Michael Jordan 262
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 251
Oscar Robertson 246
Bob Pettit 224

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