Monday, March 26, 2012

The Almost Raptors

The Almost Raptors
Hindsight is a beautiful thing. For NBA teams, there are no second chances. Once a deal has been completed, or a player has been drafted, it's final. No do-overs. Nevertheless we like to go back, as I did in two previous blog entries, to criticize teams who draft poorly and praise the GMs who seemingly hold a crystal ball. Grantland recently did an article on the history of bad decisions by the Golden State Warriors that made the Raps missteps pale in comparison. It's still early to tell if the picks from the last few years could have been better, but I like DMDR, Easy E, and Big V for now. Here are the rest of the Raps picks, who they could have grabbed instead, and how the team would have looked if they had...

2011 5th - Jonas Valenciunas - Keep

2010 13th – Ed Davis – Keep

2009 9th – DeMar DeRozan – Keep

2008 41st – Nathan Jawai – Could have had Goran Dragic, went 45th

2007 No Picks

2006 1st – Andrea Bargnani – Could have had LaMarcus Aldridge, 2nd or Rudy Gay 8th
            35th – PJ Tucker – Could have had Paul Millsap, 47th

2005 7th – Charlie Villanueva – Could have had Andrew Bynum, 10th
            16th – Joey Graham – Could have had Danny Granger, 17th
            41st – Roko Ukic – Could have had Louis Williams, 45th

2004 8th – Rafael Araujo – Could have had Andre Iguodala, 9th
            40th – Albert Miralles (swapped 4 Pape Sow) – Could have had Trevor Ariza, 44th

2003 4th – Chris Bosh – Could have had Dwyane Wade, 5th

(and Boozer or ZBO in years before that, but let's not go back too far...)

-So with all that hindsight, this is the lineup the Raptors could have fielded...
C – Bynum
PF – Aldridge
SF – Granger
SG – Wade
PG – Lou Williams
6 - Iguodala
Big V


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