Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Trading Block part 2 of 2

Jose Barea
     The shortest player on the championship Mavs is able to control the tempo, make good decisions, draw defenders with cuts through the lane, and play point guard or shooting guard. His services will be sought after, but expect Dallas to keep him around. He fits well into Dallas' system and they're better together.

Tyson Chandler
      Pretty much every team in the league now wants Tyson Chandler and his defense, hustle, and ability to create second-chance opportunities. Third in Defensive Player of the Year voting, he is valuable playing in the frontcourt with Dirk Nowitzki where he offsets and compliments the former MVP's skill set. Rather than seek more money, say in Sacramento, Tyson should stay in Dallas where he found his niche as a player.

Glen Davis
     The Celtic we call "Big Baby" is now a second bench option to Jeff Green, and has considered taking his talents elsewhere. I could see him fitting in well in Philadelphia; a grinding, well-coached and under-rated team that could use Davis as a scoring option with or without Iguodala in the picture.

Andrei Kirilenko
     Forget triple-doubles, AK-47 used to be the guy to explode the stat sheet with the all-around great 5x5 stat lines. Still a great defender and good shot blocker, his veteran presence could go a long way on the perimeter in Oklahoma City. He wouldn't fight for time with Harden, allowing him to develop and could offset Durant with a defensive mentality. The Clippers could use his defensive presence and leadership on the wing as well.

Tracy MacGrady
     First of all, T-Mac has to get out of the quicksand that is the Detroit Pistons roster right now. If he really wants to spark his career he should sign with New Jersey and try to be a legitimate offensive weapon for Deron Williams and the Nets. He could also be useful for the Utah Jazz who could use some *cough* leadership, and more scoring from the perimeter.

Kenyon Martin
     K-Mart would be perfect in Boston. If Denver ends up re-signing Nene like they want to, they may not have the budget to keep Martin around. The Celtics still need frontcourt help, although Jermaine O'Neal performed admirably, and Martin would be rejuvenated with the veteran squad that eats, sleeps and breathes winning.

Yao Ming
     Yao is now an enigma. A former #1 pick that hasn't been 100% since late in 2005, Yao's strong fanbase continues to vote him into the All-Star game year after year. Though it has been rumoured Yao may never play again if things don't go well, a team like Sacramento may take it's chances on the big man and his marketability. Otherwise, expect him in Houston, if anywhere.

     Nene is thought by many to be the best free agent on the market and the Nuggets want to resign the resilient Brazilian centre. Nene may test the waters because there is a significant market for his talents, but may end up back in Denver. Teams like the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics would love the frontcourt versatility and rebounding he provides, but he could also anchor a young team and be able to reach more of his potential on a young team like the Golden State Warriors or Toronto Raptors who need his kind of help the most.

Lamar Odom
     Odom was linked to trade talk already this offseason, and maybe the Lakers are concerned his potential isn't being lived up to, and he faces constant distraction with his LA/ Kardashian lifestyle. He could stay in the Pacific and play for Golden State to take on more of a leadership role, where his diverse skills and fluid play could be best used. Washington also needs a player willing to come off the bench, play big at multiple positions, and mentor the young guys like Wall and Vesely.

Tayshaun Prince
     Prince is another veteran rotting away on the Pistons who need to go into rebuilding mode. With a similar skillset to Tony Allen or Shane Battier, he could be a good fit on the gritty Memphis Grizzlies. In Portland, Prince could provide length and defense on the perimeter on a Trail Blazers team that plays his style of basketball.

Zach Randolph
     Look for Memphis to lock up this player, who had a breakout year with the Grizzlies, but Randolph may test the temperature of interest out there after a strong season, just to see his relative worth. Many smaller-market teams would love to have exactly what he brought to Memphis (toughness and tenacity), such as the Wizards or the Bucks.

Michael Redd
     Redd is a former all-star and Olympian, who has seen his career curtailed by injuries. A great shooter, Redd is still valuable even if not as athletic as he once was. San Antonio does a good job with it's veteran revivals of shooters and Redd could buy into the role of veteran leader. New Jersey is also looking to stockpile weapons around Deron Williams. If Iguodala leaves the Sixers, Redd could be a good fit in Philadelphia too.

Jason Richardson
     Richardson could really shine with the Chicago Bulls. An athletic scorer and dunker, J-Rich has also led the league in three-pointers. If used the right way he could be deadly, but he is close to being "over the hump." He could use a good run at a title with a motivated coach and MVP Rose. With a defensive mindset the offensive punch next to Derrick Rose, J-Rich would look good in a Bulls uniform (almost better than Iguodala).

DeShawn Stevenson
     The Mavs want to keep a good thing rolling, but with the recent acquisition of Rudy Fernandez from Portland, Stevenson may be the odd one out. Barea started for him at the end of the finals, and Caron Butler is coming back as well to crowd the backcourt. He's one of those players the Nets would love to overpay.

David West
     West unexpectedly opted out of his deal in order to become a free agent. His stock is not at it's highest right now after a late season, season-ending injury that saw West miss the end of the regular season and the entire playoffs. It's not confirmed when he'll be 100%, and he's still rehabbing. He could fit into the system in Indiana or Milwaukee as a scoring power forward that either team could use to take them to the next level.

- Devin Gray

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