Thursday, June 23, 2011

NBA Draft Preview

Pick 1 - Cleveland Cavaliers take Kyrie Irving
The Cavs were gifted with this pick in LeBron karma and have held it tight to their chest ever since. They have also seemed content to let Kyrie Irving rumours fly ever since. When Harrison Barnes, Perry Jones and Jared Sullinger dropped out Irving became the concensus #1. There hasn't even been an inkling that the Cavs would take someone else, even though Irving missed most of his freshman year at Duke. They will also eventually need a replacement for Baron Davis, and he would be a hilarious mentor for Irving.

Pick 2 - Minnesota Timberwolves take Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams is the best player in this draft. The Timberwolves have been teasing other teams with dangling the pick because they supposedly don't need him with Mike Beasley already at the position, but I think Minnesota needs to keep piling up assets. If they can't deal the pick for something they like they can always deal Beasley or Williams later.

Pick 3 - Utah Jazz take Enes Kanter
This pick will send the Cavs into a frenzy because they want Kanter at the 4th pick. The Jazz are rumored to be picking Brandon Knight at PG but with Devin Harris already in place I think they stay with the one-time All-Star and see what a full season can do for him. Enes Kanter is a big unknown after sitting out the full NCAA season because of ineligibility, but he wowed scouts at pre-draft camps with his quickness and athleticism for his size. He could end up the best player in this draft but that's a gamble.

Pick 4 - Cleveland Cavaliers take Jonas Valanciunas
The Cavs will need a big man with this pick and with Kanter off the board they will turn to a big Lithuanian to replace fan-favourite Zydrunas Ilgauskas who followed LeBron to Cleveland. The best players still on the board are Knight and Kemba Walker but the Cavs won't take 2 point guards in the top 5, the T-Wolves showed us all why not to do that in 2009.

Pick 5 - Toronto Raptors take Bismack Biyombo
With Knight and Walker still on the board this is a stretch pick, because the Raps could use a PG to spur their rebuilding. However Biyombo has a huge upside and big potential and would be a nice defender in the front-court for the Raps that they have been missing forever. I kind of hope they take Biyombo, but Kemba Walker would be nice too. Biyombo is a project but the rebuilding Raps can afford to wait.

Pick 6 - Washington Wizards take Kawhi Leonard
With John Wall already in place the Wiz will take an excellent all-around player in San Diego State's Leonard.

Pick 7 - Charlotte Bobcats take Tristan Thompson
Thompson from Brampton Ontario becomes the highest drafted Canadian ever, and will have to impress MJ if he hopes to not be labeled a bust.

Pick 8 - Detroit Pistons take Brandon Knight
Could move Stuckey who hasn't lived up to expectations.

Pick 9 - Milwaukee Bucks take Marcus Morris
The better of the Morris twins, he'll be a solid pro but his potential is somewhat limited.

Pick 10 - Sacramento Kings take Kemba Walker
Would allow Tyreke Evans to play off the ball at SG while somebody else handles the offense.

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