Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Backboard of Turin

This is my backboard.

My backboard sits at the bottom of the boulevard between driveways, at the bottom of the hill.

Here I've practiced and played freely on the street on this net for nearly my whole life.

And only recently did a friend of mine point out the face looking back at me.

Look again at the pattern formed by the chips in the white backboard and see the left eye and brow of somebody looking at you. Then follow the path of the bridge down the nose to tight lips. Say that line above his head is his classic naval officer's hat. And I swear you can imagine a face on my backboard.

The above image of George Washington shows similar features to the face on the backboard. A similar man of dignity and distinction from the olden days; a pioneer king, is welcome on my backboard. It's up to you to determine the character of the face that you see.

My own "man on the moon," my own Shroud of Turin it's a classic example of Archeiropoieta (icons made without hands). So see what you will or tell me I'm crazy, but have fun.

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