Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Orleans Pelicans

I was going to compose my artistic interpretation for the new team colours and logo of the proposed nickname change from the New Orleans Hornets to the New Orleans Pelicans, but then I found this logo by Guru Design and he job was taken care of it for me. The jersey colours of navy blue, deep red, yellow and white plus a flair of classic and retro, rather than overly cartoonish would help the maturity of the young club. This wouldn't be bad at all, plus Louisiana is the Pelican State. This way the Charlotte franchise can grab back their old Hornets nickname, and New Orleans gets an identity fully its to embrace for the Anthony Davis era.

Other teams that were named wrong include...

1. Utah Jazz - New Orleans should have gotten this name back somehow
2. Los Angeles Lakers - The name shouldn't have come too when the team moved from Minneapolis
3. Memphis Grizzlies - Grizzlies roam Vancouver and deserve to stay there if the NBA returns north

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