Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Jerseys: Ranked

The 2012-13 season marked the debut of several new jerseys in the NBA, giving teams a fresh look on the court and fans something new to sport in support of their franchise.

Of the eight sets of new duds, some of them are an excellent addition to the collection of jerseys, while others are, well, duds.

Now that I've had a chance to see each of the new collection in action, here's what I think of the lot,

8. SPURS Alternate Gray
All kinds of plain just like the Spurs. The central logo in the middle of the uniform seems more like a hockey sweater trait, and it doesn't really fit, bumping the number up onto the shoulder. It's been said these look more like practice uniforms and I am of that same opinion. Dud.

7. BOBCATS new "Cats" jerseys

I had wondered how the Bobcats could get any less cool, and laughed when I saw their new Cats look. Maybe they can corner the market on NBA fans/pet owners. They've made the new jerseys look pretty good though, as Charlotte is playing well, sitting above .500, and are poised to soon eclipse their 7 wins of last season. Change is good.

6. CAVALIERS alternate gold jerseys
Pretty similar to their new ones from last year when they moved on post-Bron, the Wine and Gold color scheme is pretty nice, but these are pretty yellow and plain. Not much to break up all the gold here, and very basic large-print letters. They're okay, but leave me saying "meh" and don't do much to pique my interest.

5. KNICKS new classics
New York took their look back to a classic style that's simple and basic and clean looking. You'd almost never know they were different at all, it's such a subtle change. Nothing wrong with them though, they stick to a tried and true formula.

4. NUGGETS alternate yellow retros
Denver brought back an awesome classic with a twist, and I happen to like it. They're very yellow yes, but the other shades of blue and white balance out the dominant color. The thick stripe around the centre and the team name break up the pattern and the alternating stripes down the sides of the shorts remind me of some of the best college get-ups.

3. BLAZERS alternate "stripes" red

Portland recently went back to a classic stripes look with their home whites and away blacks, but the new red alternates have an extra stripe and are pointier. The line is more aggressive and gives movement to the shirt and flow to the shorts. The red unis also take advantage of the little bit of color that the team has, and are a nice addition alongside the white and black regular set.

2. THUNDER alternate navy
After a long wait, OKC finally debuted an alternate uniform bringing their dark blue/ navy color to the forefront as I thought they would. With their already rainbow-colorful home and away uniforms, the classic look of the new alternates is a welcome change. The lettering down the side of the shirt may be a little hard to read sometimes when the team is on the court, but this team has come a long way in a short time from upstart to western conference champions. These are pretty nice, one of the better additions to the league.

1. NETS new Brooklyn style
The Nets made the move from New Jersey to Brooklyn and began their tenure at the Barclays centre in style. Nets part-owner Jay-Z added his personal touch to the team and lent his sense of style to the uniforms and arena. While simple, they're clean and elegant in a trendy, classic, yet retro-gangster way. Making something "look new" isn't always a good thing, and establishing team culture in Brooklyn got a huge kickstart when Jay-Z himself was the first one to show off the new uni.

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  1. Thunder’s alternate navy is a great uniform. The design is just simple but the strike of the navy blue gave it life. I bet that this welcome change will be loved by their fans and I hope that the uniform can inspire them to give an exciting game for basketball fans.

    -Jennine Stalder-