Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dunkus Interruptus: Blake on Pau

Pau Gasol makes some of the best faces in the NBA. Kevin Love recently almost took the title for "best/ most hilarious in-game face," but Pau is a legend in the game. Needless to say, when Pau gets dunked on and/ or over, he produced faces fit for the basketball face hall of fame. But who would it take to produce one of the most legendary "dunked on" faces of all time from Pau? Why, the man with no expression at all. No, it's not Tim Duncan, it's Blake Griffin - the stone-faced elevation/ domination machine. When Blake goes up, nobody should get in the way. First, Blake gets an unsuspecting Pau on the put-back cram while the behind-the-backboard camera captures Pau's facial expression. Then, Blake rearranges Pau's face in a dramatic mid-air collision that is among the dunks of the year. It's Dunkus Interruptus time, so whatever you're doing, drop it, and watch these dunks!

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Honorable Mentions 

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