Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OKC Thunder Alternate "3rd" Jersey

The Thunder's color-sceme and logo have been mocked for their simplicity, uninventiveness, and for looking like a D-League team. After the Seattle Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma City in 2008, it seemed the team rushed out an unfinished prototype product. You know, the kind NBA Live used to make up as a generic replacement in the event that it hadn't been released yet?
But it stuck.

And people have complained since.

And they have wondered, with such a cool name like the Thunder, why they couldn't have a cooler logo and jerseys?

Unfortunately, I think the color-scheme is set. But Sky Blue, Orange, Sunset, and Prussian Blue (looks like black) aren't so bad.

They've already branded the team around it and they're likeable.

They have Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, James Harden, Eric Maynor, and even more likable characters that comprise the League's youngest and argually most likeable team.

So the Thunder can still capitalize further on their success by unveiling a third jersey. They could wear it at home, but it would be better as a road alternate. I've drawn up examples of what it could look like with one in Orange, one in Sunset Yellow, one in Prussian Blue, and one in Light Gray, which is pushing it, but looks good.

Here they are.
The Prussian Blue. It's dark, but it's not black. This team could pull it off.

The Gray is not exactly a Thunder team color, but as seen below in the "bonus" section, it has been imagined as a nice compliment in a subtle addition to the current brand more than a "re-branding."

The Orange looks nice as a dominant color as well. The Thunder Sky Blue is already so flashy, so the question is do the Thunder continue that trend of flashiness and go with a vibrant Orange 3rd Alternate jersey?

Or do the Thunder embrace a swagger of seriousness, and class now that they have settled into their dominance and "come of age?" with a more serious and understated tone.

 I'm a fan of the Thunder Sunset Yellow and this jersey is something else. It would be sweet, but maybe to wear once a year. If they were to have a true alternate jersey I'd probably root for something subtler. Nevertheless, this is a cool jersey, one that would sell in the youth demographic.

I'm not the only one to have thought about the branding possibilities that the Oklahoma City Thunder have missed or could think about. My suggestions are for furtherment of the current, stable brand image and the on-court appearance of the Thunder.

I was inspired by the brand re-imaginings I saw online, most notably at  This is an example of a re-branding, which imagines what the Thunder could have done, more than what they could do. The Logo is great with the hammer, the layout of the webpage itself is very slick, the images of Ibaka and Durant wearing the jerseys is convincing, the explanations and links are all excellent. I would not make the jerseys so similar to Seattle's, I would rather forge ahead in creating an independant brand in OKC before doing tributes, it's too soon. And, like I discussed, I don't think they're going to change the team colors at this point.

BONUS - Some of the other ideas that I saw online and drew from in theory and motivation...
* I do not claim ownership or creative license for any of the following

There were many people who believed Barons was going to be the team name and came up with concepts based on that.
Look closely at the logo on the shorts.

Kind of lame colors, when compared with the flashy duds the Thunder actually wear.
I love this logo. It incorporates their mascot Rumble the Bison, which creates more brand unity.
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  1. I like the old uniforms better then the others beside the barons one that is awesome.