Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dunkers Digest

NBA 2k11 brings us many things, among them a numerical rating that fixes a players' talent into measurable and therefore comparable statistics. The best dunkers active in the NBA are measured as follows,

Dunk / Vertical/ Total
1 Josh Smith 95/ 96/ 191
2 Gerald Wallace 94 /96/ 190
3 Andre Igoudala 92/ 97/ 189
4 Jason Richardson 90/ 97/ 187
5 Lebron James 90/ 96/ 186

But there are also players in the free agent pool whose dunking ability is beyond any of these legendary dunking pros, and are players you've likely never heard of before,

Dunk/ Vertical/ Total
1 James White 99/ 93/ 192 (2006 Round 2, Pick 1 by Portland)
2 David Noel 99/ 93/ 192 (2006 Round 2, Pick 9 by Milwaukee)
3 Gerald Green 93/ 97/ 190 (2005 Round 1, Pick 18 by Boston)

Are James White and David Noel really better dunkers than anybody in the NBA? Does anybody remember Gerald Green's 2007 NBA dunk contest win and think he should have a place in the NBA? Let's let Youtube decide... tell me what you think!

Recently Added*!

Not only do players' dunking abilities receive quantifiable grades in NBA 2k11, but also in other modern (or post-modern) NBA games. NBA Jam came out this year, and I copped it on Wii and iPhone. While some notable dunkers like Wade, Gay, Durant and Griffin received only an 8 out of a possible 10 in their "dunking ability" stat, there were many who received 9s and a couple 10s. Without further ado here are the top dunkers (without MJ) according to NBA Jam.

Josh Smith
Carmelo Anthony
Gerald Wallace
Kobe Bryant
Amar'e Stoudemire
Vince Carter
Andre Iguodala
Allen Iverson (on wii, AI received a rating of only 3 in the iPhone version...?)
Bucks Mascot Bango the Buck
Thunder Mascot Rumble the Bison

Dominique Wilkins
LeBron James
Dwight Howard (on iPhone, D-12 received a rating of 8 in the Wii version...?)
Jason Richardson
Julius Erving

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